2024 TNL

A maximum of 60, two to five-man teams on Thursday nights. Two players from each team participate in a Net Fourball match each week (2 Points per hole, 18 Points avalible in each match.) Teammates not participating in the official match are welcome to participate in the weekly games as extras or subs for other teams. Each team will have a season-long points total, with the top 16 of 30 teams in each division making the 32-team playoff Bracket after 20 weeks of league play.  


Week #1 – Thursday, Aprill 11th, 5:45 p.m. Shotgun Start. The league will conclude in late September with the final playoff matches in October. Starting time will be adjusted as needed for sunset. We will skip Thursday, July 4th due to the holiday and Thursday, July 18th as that will be the weekend of the Priaire View Men’s Invitational (Member-Guest).

TNL Fees 

$600/Team Includes: 

  • Weekly Payouts in Golf Shop Credit (1st – 3rd place low net teams and 1st place low gross team. 
  • Each team will owe a MANDATORY $280/TEAM IN CASH beforew week #1 for the weekly Skins and CTP pot for the season. The skins pot will be $240/week in each division, $60/week for CTP in each division. If there are no skins, $240 carries over to the next week. 
  • Regular Season Payouts in Golf Shop Credit. (1st – 4th Place Teams in each divison)
  • Playoff Payouts in Golf Shop Credit (Final 4 teams)
  • Closing Night Banquet (Thursay, October 10th. The optional Hole-In-One pot is $20/player. If no one makes an ace during the regular season or playoffs, we will have a drawing during our Closing Night Banquet for $100 winners. You must ahve paid the $20 to be in the drawing and you must be in attendance at the banquet!